The Grand Opening is finally here!!  We're proud to announce that after much hard work the kitchen at Burial Beer Co will finally be open starting this Tuesday, June 14th!!  We never could have done this without all of you---thank you for standing in long lines and dealing with our loophole of a donation system to support us.  Your generosity has allowed us to save up all our pennies and made it possible to open up our beloved little kitchen!

We will be open six days a week from Tuesday - Saturday with brunch served on Sunday (see hours on the website).  The brunch menu will remain similar to the what we have been serving during the pop ups, just with more culinary capabilities now that we have ditched the campsite cooking set up!  The primary menu that's served the rest of the week will consist of some tasty snacks easy to enjoy alongside a beer and some small plates ranging in size so you can choose to sit down to a full meal or just have a nibble here and there.  Although the menu won't change every single day like it did with the pop-ups, we will ensure its seasonal rotations as our famers bring in new products and as chef has new, delicious ideas pop into his head!  

Hope to see you soon!